Tørrisdalen (1 km)

This is a highly exclusive beat with a strong heritage, long favored by the English nobility and in 1847 the riverside mansion "Tørrisdal House" was built here at The Urstad Farm.

Nowadays, it's still a secluded spot, for classic fishing from boat and recreation alike. Keeping this zone private, buying a card here means you and your party have this beautiful area all to yourself. You may choose whether to rent one or two boats - three rods each.

The beat starts off with currents and transcends into a great pool. Knowing how to row this area almost certainly guarantees you salmon. At the lower end, the currents are quite strong and the salmon is caught by throwing from land. Altogether, flies, spinners, and maggots are suitable. You will find nice roofed picnic areas with tables and benches, litter disposal, and restrooms.

For further inquiry about magical Tørrisdalen, please make direct contact with the expert on this beat, Mr. Per Arne Løvhaugen. He will be happy to provide you with any information for a wonderful fishing and nature experience. Per Arne can be reached at:

Phone: +4741366544 or E-mail: Per.Lovhaugen@allskog.no

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