Staying the night

Elstadnes Gaard

At Elstadnes Gaard, as seen to the left in the above picture, you can stay in "Grandpa`s House", housing up to ten persons at a time. It comes with fully equipped kitchen where you prepare your own meals. Towels, freshly made beds, and cleaning are all included in the price. More information is found here. Phone: 74 33 17 00/455 15 374. Email: Web:


The Urstad Farm

Come stay at our modernized high-standard antique-oriented farm house. Have your afternoon tea on the veranda as you enjoy the exquisite view of the Namsen River. Houses up to ten people at a time. Contact Birgit for more information. Phone: 46851900. E-mail: Pictures and more information are also found by following this link:

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