Welcome to salmon fishing and recreation by the Namsen river

Feel free to come and indulge yourself in salmon fishing and outdoor recreation in our four kilometers of the Namsen, Queen of Rivers. For the fly fishing enthusiast, these Upper Namsen beats offer the epitome of classic fly water and there is equal opportunity to wade through the pools, fish from land, or fish from the boats, amidst stunningly beautiful scenery. All of the four fishing zones are easily accessible by car, but are still off from the main road, and are well equipped with roofed picnic areas with benches, tables and grilling facilities as well as restrooms. You will find yourself sheltered from traffic noise and very comfortable. We will also be happy to welcome you as our guest at one of our guest houses not far from the river.

For disinfection of fishing gear, please contact Tourist information +4774312700, or look at https://namsenvassdraget.no/desinfisering/

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