Fiskumfossen Waterfall

Fiskumfoss waterfall is a 36 meters high and mighty waterfall that marks the end of the natural salmon stretch in Namsen. Attracting a lot of salmon each year there are caught about 1-2 tons at a distance of approx. 1 km. Below the falls there is a big fishing hole named Karihøla, and some very fine streams. The beat is best suited for fishing from land, and fished well with flies, worms and lures. It is sold only land cards here. We sell 12-hour cards, max 6 pieces at the same time.

Sales for Fiskumfossen:

Fishing licenses are sold at the Inatur website.
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Near the waterfall is Namsen Salmon Aquarium worth a visit. The restaurant here has of course salmon on the menu. There is also a salmon museum here. It is buildt a salmon ladder up the waterfall where it goes up every year about a thousand salmon. (NOTE! Salmon Aquarium closed this summer as the waterfall power station is beiing rebuild)

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